‘Complex Theory Made Easy’

Fourier transform & Signal Processing theory are visualized right inside the tablet on your hand

Audio page allowing the filtering (transform) of any audio sources (e.g. mp4)

It's a rare opportunity for us to revisit & apply what we have learnt from college's signal processing class to create an app that we wish we have back then.

Fun-Centric, Don't Be Scared

Given Fourier Transform is so important & widely used, we have chosen to present the theory first in real application rather than complex formula and theories.

Fun Application to create your own tone

This should be more interesting to students or any first-timer encountering this beautiful theorem. The complex formula is broken down into parts where all visualized and controlled by simply dragging & tapping, where immediately you will be able to see the result graph & hear your own sound creation! Not to mention, we also allow you to filter your own music and images!

Now it's time for the theory

Once the fun gets user engaged, here comes the hardcore stuff. Great theory should be well perceived. Understanding it for real is also a key purpose of this application. The education content are only one tap away, and users can always refer to the academic detail whenever they are ready for it.

Formula & Theory Explained in Detail

Little Design Touch

Choosing Pink & Rounded Border is a bold move we made, as we want to breakthrough the stereotype where academic are tends to be less colourful and too serious.